Our pieces are designed and constructed to be worn day to day, however we do advise that you follow a few instructions to best preserve their quality and ensure they last for years and years to come.

  • Remove jewellery prior to showering, swimming, exercising, or cleaning, and prior to applying moisturizers or perfumes, in order to limit exposure to excessive moisture and chemicals as well as to prevent accidental breaks
  • To store jewellery when not wearing, keep them, if possible, in an air tight container or a felt bag in order to wick away moisture 


Lampwork glass bead jewellery can be worn regularly as the beads are taken through a process called annealing, which makes them incredibly hard and durable - they are able to withstand regular wear and tear however still take care of them as you would any other fine jewellery item. 


Unless stated in the product description, all of the pearls we use in our jewellery are genuine. Regular wear helps maintain genuine pearls lustre from the natural oils from ones skin. Harsh chemicals can wear away the surface of pearls so it important to protect your pearl jewellery from exposure to moisturizers, perfumes, soaps, cleaning products, hand sanitizers or the like.


In order to ensure longevity of your gemstone pieces, avoid any prolonged exposure to water, chemicals (cleaning products, lotions, hand sanitizer), extreme temperatures (hot or cold) as it can impact their quality. While our gemstones are quite durable, they can be sensitive to hard impacts and thus should be treated with care.


All of our silver items are made with 925 sterling silver. Regular wear will keep your 925 sterling silver pieces from tarnishing, maintaining their polished appearance. Sterling silver will naturally dull over time - exposure to the elements such as moisture, salt water, heat and chemicals can speed up this process. While many people enjoy the character this gives their personal jewellery pieces, if you prefer a high polish look, simply take you jewellery to a reputable jeweller to have it re-polished. If you are local to Regina we can provide this service at our studio - send us an email via our contact link for more information.


Our gold and silver plated jewellery is done over a brass, bronze or copper - demi fine jewellery is often done in this way as to make real gold and silver jewellery accessible to the customer. Plated jewellery requires special care to help maintain the pieces lifespan, and should be removed prior to using moisturizers, perfumes, soaps, cleaning products or hand sanitizers. If special care is taken in regards to the above maintenance as well as if jewellery is properly stored, our plating should withstand normal everyday wear for many years.