“Most people underestimate what having unique and bold items of jewelry can do for their wardrobes, jewellery that you can throw on with the most basic of outfits that instantly make both you and your outfit feel incredibly special and unique.”  - Lauren Alto.

The brand of Francis Oyster was founded in 2024 by Lauren Alto, but was long time in the making - she’s being designing her own jewelry for over 20 years. It was one specific piece of her personal jewelry collection that inspired her to start the line, known now as the Francis Oyster Poppy necklace. The original necklace featured her own handmade glass lampwork beads (just as the Poppy necklace does now), and was a piece of jewelry that she found herself wearing over and over again, year after year. “The combination of the big artisanal beads, the bold colours, and the playful kitsch, yet still refined, vibe of the necklace make whatever outfit you add it to feel incredibly special and unique - it's a piece of timeless wearable art.” - Lauren Alto 

The reason she couldn’t stop wearing the necklace is the inspiration for the launch of the company: when you can put on a simple outfit like a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt and top it off with a single item of jewelry and the outfit is turning heads - it’s something special. 

”I’ve never seen jewelry like the pieces in my Lampwork Collection, and I'm conscious when designing all of my jewelry pieces that they have the same characteristics that make the original Poppy necklace so noteworthy: bold, whimsical, memorable, and timeless. I want my jewelry to make people to feel happy, as well as unique, and to want to wear it for years to come”. - Lauren

Each piece of jewelry, is designed and handcrafted in the prairies of Canada and is intended (like a classic pair of jeans or a quality cashmere sweater) to take a spot in your regular wardrobe as well as remain in your forever collection.